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December 12, 2009

This Guy has the Biggest Balls in the World. End of Story.

December 6, 2009

Ed Stafford, former British Army Captian, is walking the entirety of the Amazon. I kid you not. He is a man of great tenacity, and apparently, without a hobby. Or maybe this is his hobby.

It’s like clearing the thickest hedge you could imagine for a whole working day. Only this hedge is filled with razor grass – which is pretty much as the name implies, grass that will cut exposed flesh to ribbons – huge thorns and spines on trees sharp enough to go straight through a carelessly placed hand, deadly snakes, poisonous spiders and foot-long centipedes so venomous that they can blister your skin with a touch. Oh, and the odd man-eating big cat. Specifically, jaguars.

It’s 40 degrees in the shade, 100 per cent humidity – and water is scarce because this is the dry season. In some places, it’s impossible to walk close to the river – and he might be a jungle mile inland. If he’s lucky, he will find a stream or plants he can cut to drink from. If not, he goes thirsty.
Once he makes camp, he gathers firewood and – if there’s water – he washes. Sometimes he might catch a few spiny piranhas to eat. But if he doesn’t, he goes hungry. If you offered him one of the celebs’ witchetty grubs, he’d regard it as a rare treat.
Has he been near death? Regularly. Sometimes daily. Only last week he was cutting his way through the jungle when he saw a movement. It was a deadly pit viper, ready to strike. Ed backed off. Luckily, so did the snake.

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I hope someone gives him a really good blowjob when he gets home.

Quite Possibly One of the Most Disturbing Things You’ll Read

December 6, 2009

A New Zealand man has infected his wife with HIV in the middle of the night by pricking her with a sewing needle dipped in his own HIV-infected blood.

He said:

`I used needles on you because I wanted you to be the same as me so that you can live with me and you won’t leave me’.

Read more here.

Cold Blooded Christmas

December 3, 2009

Jon Lajoie. Enjoy.

Folk Song with No Answers

November 30, 2009

Ricky Gervais on Creation

November 29, 2009


Hardball with Bishop Tobin

November 25, 2009