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July 21, 2009

So, I went to go see Rob Guerren last night at Villa Valenti Pub outside of Troy, NY last night. He’s a great guy who writes great acoustic tunes and you should check out his myspace page.

I was supposed to go over there with Carl, my friend and lead singer of Gracie’s Paris, but he left without me because I missed his calls/texts. I show up late, I order a water, no food, I’m listening to Rob and I wind up winning two prizes: Underground, a movie about fighting, and the new Toadies album. That is a first. I never win shit and I have never been to a bar and not spent any money.

Oh, and the best part is: one other guy won some prizes, too. He won a WWE dvd and a Saliva CD. Bwahahahaha. What a joke.

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